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New Patient Exams in Foggy Bottom

Comprehensive Dental Exam

Blossom Dentistry provides new patient exams in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington DC. Call 202-922-2900 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Exam

At your first appointment you can expect a comprehensive exam. This includes a head and neck exam, TMJ assessment, oral cancer screening, periodontal exam and a hard tissue exam. It is at this appointment Dr. Sahrai determines the type of cleaning and any further treatment you may need.

Periodontal Exam

This exam is key to determining the health of your gums and the type of cleaning needed. While most patients need a preventative cleaning there are some instances a more extensive cleaning is needed. Regardless of treatment Dr. Sahrai always thoroughly explains all treatment option and the associated cost.


At Blossom Dentistry we use digital xrays. These xrays have many benefits over conventional xrays:

  • Fraction of the radiation: approximately 80% less radiation than conventional
  • Instant Upload: Viewable instantly on the computer
  • Higher resolution: They are higher quality and can be enlarged and even adjusted to help show any underlying issues
  • Chart Archive: Securely stored in the patient’s chart for easy access and allows the ability to compare xrays year after year
  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals are needed for development leading to a reduction in waste

Intraoral Photos

Dr. Sahrai is a firm believer of the benefits of taking intraoral photos of your teeth. She has experienced that patients who can see these photos tend to do better with their oral hygiene and are more confident in making decisions about their oral care.

Hygiene Services

A prophylaxis (routine cleaning) or scaling and root planing (extensive cleaning also known as “deep cleaning”) is done based on your overall evaluation.

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