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Frequently asked questions

Where is the office located?2019-08-12T12:31:22+00:00

2600 Virginia Ave NW suite 501 Washington, DC 20037

Is the office close to public transportation?2019-08-12T12:31:22+00:00

2 blocks from the Foggy Bottom Metro Station

Are you accepting new patients?2019-08-12T12:31:22+00:00

Yes we are accepting new patients! With new patient specials!

Which Insurances do you take?2019-08-19T08:27:03+00:00

Dr Sahrai’s main objective is quality of care and due to low reimbursement by insurance companies, accepting all insurance plans would not allow for optimal dental care that she knows her patients deserve. For all inquiries it is best to call (202)922-2900 or email [email protected] and ask about coverage.  For patients who do not have any dental coverage we offer economical in house insurance!


What is a periodontal charting?2019-08-19T08:29:11+00:00

A periodontal charting is when a measuring instrument is used to determine the health of your gum and bone. This is a key factor, along with xrays, needed in determining if you have Periodontal Disease and need a more extensive cleaning; Scaling and Root Planing. It is important to get this addressed because if ignored your teeth can become loose and possibly fall out.

Do I need a root canal if I’m not in pain?2019-08-12T12:31:33+00:00

Clinical evaluation and imaging is needed to determine need for root canal treatment. It is common to not have pain and still need treatment. Do not delay treatment if you are concerned as infection can spread to other areas of your body and cause serious health issues.

Is Invisalign a good option for me?2019-08-19T08:28:02+00:00

Invisalign is a great option for many patients but it is always important to have a thorough evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate.

Can I get bonding instead of veneers?2019-08-19T08:28:46+00:00

It is best to make an appointment and have an evaluation done to determine if you are a good candidate for bonding.  

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2600 Virginia Ave NW Suite 501, Washington, DC 20037

Phone: 202-922-2900