New Patient

Comprehensive exam

At your first appointment you can expect a comprehensive exam. This includes a head and neck exam, TMJ assessment, oral cancer screening, periodontal exam and a hard tissue exam. It is at this appointment Dr Sahrai determines the type of cleaning and any further treatment you may need.

Periodontal exam

This exam is key to determining the health of your gums and the type of cleaning needed. While most patients need a preventative cleaning there are some instances a more extensive cleaning is needed. Regardless of treatment Dr Sahrai always thoroughly explains all treatment option and the associated cost.


At Blossom Dentistry we use digital xrays. These xrays have many benefits over conventional xrays:

  • Fraction of the radiation: approximately 80% less radiation than conventional
  • Instant Upload: Viewable instantly on the computer
  • Higher resolution: They are higher quality and can be enlarged and even adjusted to help show any underlying issues
  • Chart Archive: Securely stored in the patient’s chart for easy access and allows the ability to compare xrays year after year
  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals are needed for development leading to a reduction in waste

Intraoral photos

Dr Sahrai is a firm believer of the benefits of taking intraoral photos of your teeth. She has experienced that patients who can see these photos tend to do better with their oral hygiene and are more confident in making decisions about their oral care.

Hygiene Services

A prophylaxis (routine cleaning) or Scaling and Root Planing (extensive cleaning also known as “deep cleaning”) is done based on your overall evaluation.


A filling is a composite resin that is placed when a tooth has a cavity. A cavity is decay that needs to be removed to prevent root canal, loss of tooth or a fracture. It is removed and a composite is placed to replace any missing tooth structure.

Many patients ask the benefits of composite, a tooth colored filling, over amalgam aka silver fillings. Amalgam fillings need mechanical retention. To allow for mechanical retention more tooth structure needs to be removed which allows the amalgam to be locked in the tooth. The composite filling is bonded to the tooth and results in less removal of tooth structure. Minimizing the loss of tooth structure allows for the tooth to maintain its strength and prevent fracture.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is also referred to as a ‘cap’. It is a porcelain shell that is placed on the entire tooth. Crowns are placed on the tooth when there is concern with esthetics, integrity of the tooth, or to replace a missing tooth.

  • Esthetics: For teeth with discoloration that can not be corrected with bleaching, issues with alignments, gaps, or chipped and fractured teeth
  • Integrity of Tooth: After an examination if it is determined the tooth in question can not withstand the forces of the patients bite without potentially causing severe damage to the tooth, a crown is recommended
  • Replace a missing tooth: If there is a missing tooth and it needs to be replaced there are a few options:
    • Implant placed to replace the root of the tooth and a crown placed on top to mimic your natural crown.
    • Bridge: A bridge is a series of 2 or more crowns splinted together. This is a great option for patients who are not candidates or are not implants. With the proper oral hygiene a bridge can last several years.
    • Partial denture: used when one or more teeth are missing. Is removable and must be removed at night. Can be a permanent solution to missing teeth and can also be used temporarily when esthetics is a concern and in the interim stages of more extensive treatment.


Cosmetic Veneers

A veneer is a porcelain facing placed on the tooth to fix common cosmetic issues such as: discoloration, stained teeth, gaps in teeth, chipped teeth, misalignment of teeth and teeth that have varying shapes and sizes.

Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is done with a tooth colored resin to fill teeth that may be discolored, stained, have gaps in teeth, chipped teeth, or teeth that have varying shapes and sizes. It can also be a more economical option to veneers.

Teeth Whitening: No one can get your teeth whiter than your dentist! There are a lot of gimmicks out there and it is best to schedule a consult or mention your interest at your appointment and see the best option for you. We offer in office bleaching, take home bleaching and a combination of the two for optimal results. Schedule an appointment and see how we can brighten your smile today!

Botox IconBotox

Along with its cosmetic benefits, Botox can be an effective treatment for migraines, hyperhidrosis, and TMJ disorder, among other conditions. If you’re interested in cosmetic Botox injections, visiting a dentist may still be your best choice since dentists have an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and musculature.


Invisalign treatment is when clear braces (aligners) are used in a sequence to straighten teeth. It is a great alternative to metal braces. More and more people are opting for this esthetic option due to the limitations of metal braces on your diet, as well as requiring regular maintenance and can be irritating to your lips and cheeks. An evaluation is needed to determine if you are a good candidate for invisalign. As a bonus we offer complimentary bleaching for all Invisalign patients at the end of their treatment.

Make an appointment for a complimentary consult today!

Root Canal

A root canal is needed when the nerve of the tooth has been affected in a harmful way, this is either due to trauma or bacteria reaching the nerve of the tooth. A root canal procedure is when the soft tissue in the middle of the tooth is removed, disinfected and filled to prevent reinfection. Once this is done a crown is recommended to protect the tooth from fracture which is common in over 80% of back teeth. There are instances where a crown may not be recommended but this can only be determined after a thorough exam.

Not every person who needs a root canal is in pain. It is common that you can be living with an infection and not know it. That is why a thorough exam and X-rays are needed for a proper diagnosis. If you have concerns or have been told you need a root canal schedule your appointment for an evaluation.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed when one or more teeth are missing. The implant takes the place of your missing tooth root. After the implant is placed it takes approx 3 months for the permanent crown to be placed. An evaluation including evaluating the bone levels in your jaw are needed to determine if you are a good candidate for implants.

Second Opinion

Dr Sahrai is available to evaluate any areas of concern a patient may have or has been told they need to address. With all aspects of medicine there are usually, but not always, multiple procedures that can be done to achieve the same outcome, therefore, it is always reassuring to get another opinion. If you are confused or just want an evaluation we would be happy to schedule your appointment for a second opinion.


When some of your teeth or all of teeth are missing dentures are a great option to regain your smile, improve digestion by allowing you to chew your food better and bringing back your confidence. Schedule your appointment today for a full evaluation to determine which option is better for you.

Emergency Dentist Icon

Dental Emergencies

At Blossom Dentistry, we take dental emergencies seriously. If you call us during our normal business hours, we will do everything we can to see you the same day. Outside of our office hours, call us at 202-922-2900 and follow the instructions given. If you’ve experienced significant trauma to the face, bleeding is uncontrolled, or pain is unbearable, go to your nearest emergency room for immediate treatment.

Blossom Dentistry’s  passionate about helping patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile